Where the jobs are

Aug 7, 2015    

Sixty Year 11 students from St. Benedict’s Catholic College found out where essential jobs will be in the next five years at a recent seminar hosted by local youth specialists, MWLP – Linking Youth.

GNS - Magdalene Where the jobs are 1

Janelle Henson with students from St. Benedict’s Catholic College

The informative session covered vital topics such as:Career tips and career planning

  • The top five fastest growing industries
  • Predicted growth in Macarthur over the next five years and where the work will be
  • Occupations available in those growth areas
  • Skill levels
  • Employability skills – what employers look for

Students learnt about different pathways available to them on leaving school and how researching and talking to local employers about job opportunities is a great way to start.

Students had the occasion to ask lots of questions about their desired career paths and options available.

The seminar was designed to expose the Year 11 students to industries and occupations they may not have previously considered.

Career Development Specialists from MWLP also provided the students with a snapshot of the Australian labour market.  Skill shortages were discussed to assist young people to look for work in areas that will have the most growth in the coming years.

“When talking with students about their careers and possible pathways it is important for them to gain as much information about the jobs they are interested in and about what types of jobs there are, what’s available and where the jobs are. Our talks help students with where to find the information, who to talk to, what to consider and making sense of the information, while being realistic about their career pathway”, explained Amber Hope, Career Specialist at MWLP.

For more information please contact Amber on 0438 462 019 or at amber.hope@mwlp.com.au

Media Relations contact:  Sue Scobie Ph 0438 046 293 or at sue.scobie@mwlp.com.au