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Services for Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s)

MWLP has over 20 years’ experience in engaging with business and industry across a broad range of industry areas and has extensive employer networks.

MWLP offers boutique services to assist Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) with business and industry engagement to meet Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA’s) Standards. MWLP welcomes enquiries about its services, outlined as follows:

Engagement with Industry and Employers

ASQA Standard One (Clauses 1.5 and 1.6) requires RTO’s to ensure that training and assessment practices are relevant to the needs of industry and are informed by industry engagement.

Documentation of the RTO’s engagement strategies and activities (with business and industry) is critical in showing the alignment between industry needs and the RTO’s strategies, resources and practices.

MWLP offers a service that allows RTO’s to demonstrate direct (and ongoing) consultation with business and industry across all Industry areas on the RTO’s scope.

MWLP does this by facilitating direct engagement and consultation processes with employers across all Industry areas.

These processes include obtaining feedback from employers specific to units of competency addressed as part of the RTO’s scope and sequence.

MWLP ensures that all consultation and engagement processes (and related industry feedback) is documented in a format that assists RTO’s to demonstrate compliance against ASQA Standard One.

Maintaining Industry Currency

RTO’s must demonstrate to ASQA that it their commitment to high quality training and assessment includes supporting trainers/assessors in meaningful industry engagement.

Industry release schemes, projects with industry and shadowing other trainers/assessors can assist with this requirement.

It is therefore critical that RTO’s continue to support their trainers/assessors to maintain vocational skills and knowledge that reflects existing industry standards and expectations.

It is also essential that vocational competency is industry specific and that the RTO shows how industry currency practices contribute towards continuous improvement with how trainers/assessors train and assess.

MWLP offers a service that provides RTO trainers/assessors with a pool of elite work placements across all Industry areas.

This service allows RTO trainers / assessors to spend two days per year (over two years) in an elite work placement with employers who have been prepared to support and assist trainers/assessors to meet industry currency needs (including demonstrating competency against Units of Competency, employer sign-offs on Industry Currency Registers etc).

MWLP would be pleased to discuss customised services that address your RTO’s needs. Please contact Janelle Henson, MWLP Business Development Manager on (02) 4625 1863, 0448 852 762 or at