Thinking of Employing a Trainee

Feb 28, 2012    


Businesses looking to recruit staff on a part-time basis or wanting to ensure they have good succession planning in place should look at Indigenous School Based Traineeships.

School Based Traineeships (SBTs) allow businesses to employ Year 11 or 12 students on a part-time basis, preparing them for a career in their relevant industry whilst the students complete their HSC.

Some of the many benefits include great financial incentives, free workers compensation and no superannuation requirement.

By establishing a SBT you will be contributing to your business growth and training the indigenous workforce of the future. Students need to successfully complete a probation period to ensure they are the right fit for the organisation.

Businesses will receive ongoing support free of charge by means of employee mentoring, cross cultural awareness training and events.

It’s a wonderful way to contribute to the community and fulfill corporate responsibilities at the same time.

Locally based company, MWLP, has trainees available now eager and excited to work in Aged Care, Sport & Recreation, Construction, Business Administration, Automotive and Horticulture.

Interested businesses should call Amber from MWLP on 4625 1863 or log onto