School Based Traineeships Reduce Unemployment

Jun 22, 2012    

SBT photo Kati Pita1

(Photo: Kati Pita)

Two Indigenous students from Picton High School recently signed up for School Based Traineeships with Tharawal Local Aboriginal Land Council.

The Traineeships not only encourage Indigenous students into the workforce early but will ultimately reduce the region’s unemployment rate. Students get a start in a career and are better qualified and more job ready when they enter the workforce on a full time basis.

Chanelle Campbell who is studying Business Services and Kati Pita studying Hospitality, will incorporate paid work and study whilst completing their HSCs at Picton High School. They will be mentored and given additional support to ensure success.

Both Chanelle and Kati jumped at the opportunity to undergo this type of training. Chanelle said “I wasn’t enjoying school and was thinking about leaving and then I found out about School-Based Traineeships. Mum really encouraged me and now I know that when I finish and have my Certificate II in Business and some work experience, I’ll have a lot of great things to add to my resume. I really enjoy meeting and talking to new people at Tharawal Aboriginal Land Council. I edit and type documents, file and direct incoming phone calls to staff members.”

Kati is equally impressed. “Originally I didn’t want to stay on until Year 12 until my Careers Advisor and mum had a meeting and told me about School Based Traineeships. I am so happy with my decision to start my SBT and can see how it will help me reach my dream of becoming a Chef” she adds.

Locally based company MWLP has recently undertaken to place some 30 Indigenous students into School Based Traineeships and this is a great start.

Project Manager, Anita Byrne says “MWLP aims to improve the completion rate of Indigenous School-Based Traineeships through the provision of one-on-one and group support to our trainees, their parents, school and employer, throughout the length of the Traineeship.”

Anita adds “MWLP also aims to inspire and support Indigenous school students and ensures that these Trainees will have the best start in terms of their careers. The students are determined and committed and we are here to support them wholly throughout this transition.”

Students aren’t the only winners. Benefits to business include great financial incentives, free workers compensation, no superannuation requirement and students need to successfully complete a probation period to ensure they are the right fit for the organisation. Businesses will receive ongoing support by means of employee mentoring, cross cultural awareness training and events – all at no cost.

MWLP has trainees available now – eager and excited to work in Aged Care, Sport & Recreation, Construction, Business Administration, Automotive, Horticulture and Beauty Studies.

Interested businesses should contact Anita at MWLP on 4625 1863.