Resilience Optimism Confidence (ROC) on display in Narellan Library

Oct 16, 2014    


Claire Eaton, Founder of ROC Teen, Western Australia, recently presented five fabulous seminars designed specifically for the audience.  One for parents, carers and educators; two for teen girls and two for the teen boys.  (The teens were divided into groups of 11-13 years and 14 – 17 years.)

Claire, a Teacher of 20 years, Deputy Principal, Tutor, Mentor with the Department of Education and Training WA, Coach and NLP Practitioner is passionate about kids, their self esteem and happiness.

Claire spoke about the ‘7 secrets’ of nurturing the qualities of Resilience, Optimism and Confidence in teens, the basics of ROC thinking, to 50 enthusiastic parents.  She mentioned the three Ts – time, tolerance and teaching and believes the earlier we start, the easier it is to establish a path for teens which is smoother, safer and with less risk.

After the parent session Claire said “Thank you to every beautiful parent who shared two hours with me.  It was a room filled with a common goal.  To better understand our teenagers and grab some useful tools in helping them be more in charge of their own resilience, optimism and confidence.”

During the workshops with teenagers they learnt about positive labeling, choice and responsibility, consciously choosing friendship groups and becoming  ‘the boss’ of their own Resilience, Optimism and Confidence.  They explored effective ways to think and learn how to be more positive, calm and happy in their own skin.

The workshops were informal, fun, conversational and stress-free.

The visit by ROC Teen was made possible by Camden Council, and MWLP – Linking Youth.

Details  Amber Hope ph. 4625 1863 or email