Parents taught career tips to ensure children on right path

Mar 18, 2015    

Magdalene High School parents were quick to register for a course to help them help their children with career exploration recently. The parents have children at the school ranging from Years 10 to 12.

GNS - Magdalene PACTS Parents Small

Topics covered included:

Career assessments

  • Understanding TAFE, Apprenticeships and University
  • Tackling the Employment Market
  • How to use the Job Guide and other resources
  • What are HSC, VET and tertiary pathways?
  • Preparing for employment – understanding the options

The workshop, called Parents As Career and Transition Support (PACTS), aims to increase parental participation in their child’s learning and enhance their awareness and knowledge of the many pathways available.  It is also a great way for parents to network and form other relationships with the school and other parents.

The two hour workshop was facilitated by local youth experts MWLP – Linking Youth and the feedback was excellent.  The survey resulted in feedback on the seven questions asked at 100%.

Toni Johnstone (pictured below) commented “The workshop was brilliant.  I feel like I now have a good understanding of the ATAR and how I can help my child with careers and help them choose the right pathway after school.  I learnt where to look for career information and can now have some meaningful career conversations with my child.”

GNS - Magdalene PACTS Amber & Dianna Small

L to R: Dianna Ames, Toni Johnstone and Amber Hope

Pablo Medina said “I found the workshop very useful and informative, for I was not aware of all the options and pathways for my child”.

For more information please contact MWLP’s Career Development Specialists Dianna Ames on 0430 730 158 or at or Amber Hope on 0438 462 019 or at

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