Parents learn to guide children along career path

Apr 15, 2015    

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Parents of students attending Years 10 to 12, at both Mount Carmel Catholic College and St. Benedict’s Catholic College, went back to school recently.

Approximately 20 parents attended a workshop at St. Benedicts to educate them in how to become a vital part of their children’s transition from school to work.

The PACTS seminar (Parents As Career Transition Support) has been developed to bring parents up to date with practical strategies and information on career development.

Parents occupy a critical and unique place in the transition network of young people.  There are often many common misconceptions about available pathways, limited insight into their own teenager’s situation and a lack of skills to be able to assist and discuss options.

The workshop’s fundamental aim is to bridge the knowledge gap for parents.  Just some of the topics included are:

Communicating with your teenager about careers

  • Identifying their interests and skills
  • Learning to use the job guide
  • Training and further education options
  • Apprenticeships and Traineeships
  • Pathways into University
  • Tackling the job market
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Job seeking

Local youth specialists MWLP conducted the workshop and were pleasantly surprised by the amazing feedback they received.  100% of the attendees were 100% satisfied.

One parent, Christine Shiner, commented “I found the explanations of SBAT, TVET, VET and the explanation of ATAR and how it works, plus the pathways into Uni, very helpful”.

Another attendee, Lee Slattery added “I really was unsure of what it was all about but now I feel I am more knowledgeable to assist and support my child”.

MWLP’s Career Development Specialist, Amber Hope, said “We are pleased to see these Macarthur High Schools eager to put on the workshops.  I encourage parents to start having career conversations with their children as early as Year 8 or 9 and if parents are a little unsure how to start these talks, these workshops will really help”.

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