NSW Business Chamber endorses the work we do

Mar 20, 2015    

The NSW Business Chamber recently published a report called “Paving the Pathway.  Addressing Post Year 10 Education.”

In this report NSW Business Chamber CEO, Stephen Cartwright, said that “Businesses in NSW need a skilled, flexible and motivated workforce that contributes to productivity gains and drives economic development.  The NSW Business Chamber believes that ensuring the available workforce has the skills and knowledge required to meet the needs of business is a major issue for NSW”.

The team at MWLP couldn’t agree more.  This is what we are all about.  We are the vital link between school and work and our aim is to give Macarthur students the opportunity to transition successfully from school into the world of work.  We do this with a business focus ensuring we are meeting their needs as well.

MWLP CEO Steve Montgomery commented “The NSW Business Chamber Report highlights the social and economic impact on communities of investing in workplace preparation and career development opportunities for young people. When this is done with consideration of the workforce development needs of business and industry, we have a truly smart society. The report reinforces the work being done in the Macarthur area by MWLP – including our long-standing work placement coordination work and our new independent career and transition service.”

Click here to read the NSW Business Chamber Report