MWLP Partnership Broker Program likely to be axed

Apr 11, 2014    

Tony Abbott with Victorian Senator Scott Ryan, parliamentary secretary for education. The federal government may axe funding for a youth unemployment initiative that has helped thousands of at-risk young people. Photo: Lannon Harley SMH

The Australian Government has indicated that the School Business Community Partnership Brokers program is likely to cease operations at the end of the year.

Worse than the loss of jobs is the impact this decision will have on Macarthur’s youth.

For over four years MWLP has been working with local schools, business and the community to help our youth transition from school to work.

This decision will remove support for our young people who are striving to make this transition when youth unemployment is at a crisis level.

It is ONLY by working together that schools, business and the broader community can improve student outcomes, create a more responsive education and training sector and develop young people who are qualified and work ready.

Macarthur company MWLP has successfully brokered numerous partnerships and is well known in the community.

Only last year they took out the top award for Excellence in Education at the Western Sydney Awards for Business Excellence. Their work is highly regarded and this decision will certainly impact the at-risk young people in our community.

The Chair of the Partnership Brokers National Network, Ms Carmen Auer, recently presented the Prime Minister with an Open Letter signed by over 600 businesses calling on the Australian Government to continue its investment in the program, however the silence has been deafening.

Ms Auer has urged the Government not to waste time and resources reinventing the wheel – when the network of Partnership Brokers is already in place, has a proven track records and is ready to roll.

Individuals and businesses can help. If you feel this program should continue in Macarthur please like this article on MWLP’s fb page!/pages/MWLP-Linking-Youth/358458380915553 and leave a comment or go to

Details: Sue Scobie MWLP Ph: 4625 1863 or email

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