Macarthur Students Inspired to Work

Apr 2, 2014    

Work Inspiration is an Australia-wide, employer-led campaign that enhances work experience. Each year thousands of young Australians take part in work experience but Work Inspiration takes this experience to a whole new level.

Recently 10 students from three Macarthur High Schools (James Meehan, Campbelltown Performing Arts High School and Robert Townsend) enjoyed a three day workshop at Macquarie Fields TAFE to learn more about the Sign and Graphic Industry.

Passionate about art and design these Year 10 and 11 students leant how their skills and interests could fit into the industry. They visited three local companies and just one of their assignments was to interview key people within the industry to learn how they got where they are now; exposing the students to a vast array of career choices.

“It was great to see the level of interest displayed by the students and the time invested by local companies Camden Signs, Signwerx and RIM Industries” said Peter Harper, General Manager of the Visual Industries Suppliers Association (VISA). Peter added “This type of Work Inspiration workshop helps to address skills shortages and get more students into our industry.”

Lee Osborne, Owner/Director, from Camden Signs motivated the students with words of advice. “Stay focused and do what you love.”

Students designed their own Careers Boards and even got to design their own T shirts.

Campbelltown Performing Arts High School student Jaime-Dean Dos-Santos was really impressed with the workshop. “I was interested in learning how to turn a design idea into the end product and I got to see that. Everyone has been friendly. I really appreciated the fact that everyone was willing to give us their time”, he said.

Year 10 Robert Townsend student, Ra’ees Kruyer, said. “This really opened my eyes to the type of work that is actually done. It was worthwhile and we definitely made a good connection with business as the companies we visited are happy for us to contact them later in the year to possibly come back and do work experience.”

This workshop was possible thanks to the Visual Industries Suppliers Association (VISA), SWSI Tafe and MWLP Partnership Brokers.

Details: Janelle Henson, Partnership Broker at MWLP. Ph 4625 1863 or email