John Therry and Mount Carmel students learn the value of networking with business

Aug 21, 2015    

High School students in Macarthur are being given a wonderful opportunity to attend a monthly business breakfast run by BRAS (Business Relationships at Sunrise).  BRAS is a resourceful group of inspiring business women whose vision is to assist members to reach their full potential and pass it onto others through business and friendship.

GNS - Bras Aug 15 John Therry small

(L to R John Therry Catholic High School students Isabella Doneva, Temia Davis and Yvonne Walker from HR with Ease)

The students connect with professional leaders from the business community.  They hear about ‘every day’ women who have chosen to start their own businesses and are exposed to their goals, ideas, challenges and what motivates them.

During the breakfasts attendees introduce themselves and talk briefly about what they do.  This is followed by a presentation from a guest speaker.

At the most recent meeting Yvonne Walker, from HR with Ease, spoke to the group about the benefits of Quality Human Resources and how this can make business run better.  They streamline work processes and introduce or improve Human Resource Policies.

Monica D’Atone, Year 11 student at Mount Carmel Catholic College said “There were a lot of successful business women at the meeting to learn a lot off. The speaker who presented a speech on employees presented very well and gave lots of points that I feel is not only an insight into starting a business later in life, but is also a good source of information to have whilst studying business studies during year 11 and 12.”

“Both Ruby (Colangelo) and myself enjoyed the morning and would recommend it to both women in business and students either studying business or wanting to eventually open a business of their own after school. It was a real experience, and a great opportunity!”

GNS - BRAS Aug 15 Mount Carmel Catholic College small

(L to R Mount Carmel Catholic College, Nancy Payne Career Advisor and students Ruby Colangelo, Monica D’Atone and Yvonne Walker from HR with Ease)

MWLP – Linking Youth, who are specialists in Career and Transition Services, co-ordinated the student’s attendance.

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