About Work Placement


Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses are industry developed entry level courses that give students a great kick start to a future career in the field they are studying and can even lead to a shortened traineeship or apprenticeship.

These courses require the students to complete Structured Workplace Learning (1 week in Year 11 & 1 week in Year 12) for each course with a local business which we help arrange for them. This allows the students to practise what they are learning at school and enhance the skills they have learnt in the classroom.

How Is It Different To Work Experience

Work Placement is very different to work experience (which is usually done in Year 10) as the work placement is directly related to the subject the student is studying and it is a mandatory component of the subject. Students also turn up on the first day with some skills they have already learnt from the classroom!

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What Do Students Get Out Of It?

  • An opportunity to try out new skills
  • Many students impress the employer greatly and receive positive reports, references or even job offers
  • The work placement experience and report will be worth its weight in gold and impress prospective employers when students are applying for hotly contested job opportunities in the future
  • Obtain practical workplace skills, both general and industry specific
  • Develop an awareness of career pathways
  • Build confidence & develop maturity
  • Gain experience and an understanding of a realistic workplace
  • Meet Board of Studies HSC requirements
  • Gain credit transfer and recognition into further education and training
  • The possibility of being nominated by their employer for the MWLP Honour Roll. This gives them exclusive opportunities for an apprenticeship or traineeship with MG My Gateway and the possibility of becoming the ‘Work Placement Student of the Year’.

GO2WORKPLACEMENT – What students and educators need to know!

Go2workplacement assists students to get the most out of their Work Placement.  By completing the online modules students will identify specific skills and competencies to focus on during their work placement.

On completion of the modules students are awarded a Work Placement Ready Certificate which informs the host employer that they have prepared for work placement.

Go2workplacement is for students enrolled in HSC Industry Curriculum Frameworks VET courses in NSW, which have a compulsory work placement.  It can be completed as part of class work or in the student’s own time.

Students must have a valid email address to register to complete the Go2workplacement modules.  Students will also need an internet connection and a printer.

LOG IN NOW AT:  http://www.go2workplacement.com

How Does MWLP Help?

An employer offers a student/s the opportunity to work as voluntary employees for 35 hours (usually in one week) in an area of business for which they are studying a Vocational Education and Training Course as part of their HSC. The number, timing and frequency of offers in a year are totally under the control of the employer.

MWLP liaises with businesses to see what opportunities they can offer over the year. Schools put in requests for what their students require and MWLP manages the process to make sure all requirements are met (including full insurance cover for the placement) and the needs of both parties are met.