Career & Transition

Career & Transition Support

MWLP is a specialist in the provision of career and transition support services, targeting young people and related stakeholders and influencers (including parents, business and industry, educators and training providers and the wider community). The services seek to equip young people with the skills and capacity to successfully transition through and beyond school, so they become productive, happy and contributing citizens as adults. The services run from primary school to young adulthood – as a continuous and ongoing service for all young people to access. Its focus changes depending on the needs and career stage of each individual or group of young people.

MWLP improves career and transition outcomes for young people through a range of approaches, including:

– Direct service delivery to young people (including career coaching / guidance)
– Coordination of the Macarthur Careers Expo

– Brokerage of strategic partnerships with education, business, industry, tertiary and training providers, parents and other key influencers and/or stakeholders
– Facilitation of innovative initiatives and programs
– Referral to other specialist services
– Supporting the development of young entrepreneurs

MWLP welcomes enquiries about its services. Ph 4625 1863