Camden High School and Local Cafe Kick Start a Career

Aug 5, 2011    

Macarthur’s future is in good hands thanks to a program run by MWLP.  Each year they place some 3,000 Year 11 and 12 students into local businesses to give them a taste of real working life.

This isn’t just work experience.  These students must complete their industry placement successfully or they may not receive their HSC.

New owners of Back Galley Cafe, Sarah and Ben Von Wartburg recently offered Ellie Baldwin-Hancock the opportunity to put the theory, she is learning at school, to the test in industry.

Ellie is studying Hospitality at Camden High School and it didn’t take her long to impress Sarah and her team. “Ellie is passionate, eager to learn and possesses a maturity beyond her years.  She settled in quickly and was a pleasure to have,” said Sarah.

By the end of the week Sarah approached Ellie with the offer of casual employment.

“It’s a win/win situation.  We got to assess Ellie during her work placement.  It really is a great way to interview. Ellie put her skills into action and ended up with a casual job” commented Sarah.

Ellie is ecstatic.  She has commenced casual weekend work and loves it.  She feels valued, respected and, according to Ellie, she feels like one of the ‘family’.

This program not only benefits Macarthur students but it’s a great way for employers to showcase their businesses and the best part is that it’s free.

Details:  MWLP 4625 1863