About Work Placement


What is work placement?

Subject choices at schools now include Industry Developed, entry level courses that give young people a great kick start to a future career in the field they are studying. These courses require them to complete work placements. This is called Structured Workplace Learning and is a compulsory component of Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses. These courses are recognised by industry and the Board of Studies and include:

  • Automotive
  • Business Services
  • Construction
  • Electrotechnology
  • Entertainment
  • Hospitality
  • Human Services
  • Information & Digital Technology
  • Metal & Engineering
  • Primary Industries
  • Retail
  • Tourism

Work Placement allows the students to practice what they are learning at school and enhance the skills they have learnt in the classroom. To demonstrate and hone these skills students are required to complete 2 weeks of work placement (1 week in Year 11 & 1 week in Year 12) for each course with a local business which we help arrange through their school/TAFE.

Why take work placement students for your business & what’s in it for you?

  • It’s FREE.
  • You will have an additional pair of hands to assist you.
  • Students are fully insured.
  • You will have access to the workforce of the future.
  • A student undertaking work placement is the best way to interview.
  • The students are studying in your industry so they will come with some prior knowledge.
  • You choose when you want the student/s.
  • You may increase or decrease this need at your convenience.
  • You are under no obligation.
  • It’s a great way to showcase your business and your industry.
  • Students are keen to work as they don’t receive their HSC until they successfully complete their ‘hands on’ learning in the workplace.
  • Be promoted by MWLP as a dynamic organisation supporting youth. (This could be via local radio C91.3FM, local media, on MWLP promotional material and on the MWLP website.)
  • Be recognized as a good citizen of our community.
  • Over 480 companies are currently benefiting from this great program.
  • Be associated with MWLP – a company dedicated to assisting young people navigate the road from school to work.
  • MWLP has approximately 6,800 students to place this year and due to a high demand for these great vocational courses this number will continue to increase.
  • Remember when you were a kid and needed an opportunity to show what you could do?
  • Give young people a go!
  • Without this work placement these students will not pass their HSC.

Why are work placement students different from work experience students?

Work Placement students have undertaken a VET course at school or TAFE as part of their HSC. It is mandatory for these students to do one week’s work placement in a relevant industry in Year 11 and another week in Year 12.

By being involved in Structured Workplace Learning, young people gain a better understanding of the world of work, and are given a chance to develop their technical and general employability skills in the workforce. The students are skilled, interested and committed and some of these workplace experiences result in offers of apprenticeships, traineeships or casual work.

Work Experience students, on the other hand, are generally in Year 10. The students organize their own work experience. It is not mandatory to fulfil any course requirements and the learning experience can be in any area of any industry.

How does MWLP help?

An employer offers a student/s via MWLP, the opportunity to work as voluntary employees for 35 hours (usually in one week) in an area of business for which they are studying their VET Course. The number, timing and frequency of offers in a year are totally under the control of the employer.

MWLP liaises with businesses to see what opportunities they can offer over the year. Schools put in requests for what their students require and MWLP manages the process to make sure all requirements are met (including full insurance cover for the placement) and the needs of both parties are met.

We are the point of contact between our high schools, TAFE Colleges and the business community. Having facilitated opportunities for more than 50,000 youths since 1996, we believe that we are a significant contributor to community development.

To find out how your business can become involved in hosting HSC Work Placement Students for week-long work placements, please phone MWLP on 4625 1863.

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