Budget delivers for young Australians and is good news for MWLP

May 23, 2013    


Hidden away in the budget details was the good news that funding for the Schools Business Community Partnership Broker Program has been extended to December 2014.

While so much of the education debate is focused on NAPLAN, for many students, school is about preparing for transition to work, or further education.

Minister for School Education and Youth Peter Garrett said the Youth Connections program, School Business Community Partnership Brokers program and the myfuture career website had already helped thousands of young Australians.

“These programs make a real difference to young Australians by helping them complete year 12 or an equivalent qualification,” Mr Garrett said.

“This funding will give more young Australians a much better chance of successful transition to work or further study or training, helping them to achieve their full potential.”

“The Schools Business Community Partnership Brokers program builds partnerships that enable schools and their communities to work together, share resources and knowledge and implement local solutions,”
Mr Garrett said.

“The aim is to support young people to complete school and make a successful transition to further education, training and employment.”

In 2014, the program will support up to 2500 partnerships between schools and their communities across Australia.

Research commissioned by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations revealed that for every dollar of government funding the partnerships generated $5.50 in value.

“It is important to our community and the quality of life for our young that we support them to develop their skills and qualifications to help them engage more effectively in the workforce or further study.

The minister’s media release can be accessed on http://www.ministers.deewr.gov.au/garrett/budget-2013-14-budget-delivers-young-australians