Ambarvale High School – Junior Leaders in action

Mar 31, 2017    

In late 2016 over fifty students from Years 7, 8 and 9 self-nominated to participate in a leadership program to improve the school experience. The program facilitated by MWLP and staff from Ambarvale High engages the students in activities and discussions aimed at developing their potential and contribution to leadership.

Recently the students attended a workshop at Campbelltown TAFE undertaking training in design thinking, a structured approach to defining, refining and finding solutions to problems. 

GNS AHS Leadership Workshop 1 small

Principal Louise Barnott-Clement addressed the group with an obvious passion for her commitment to student leadership stating, “It is important we offer our student leaders authentic challenges to engage with, and funding and resources to make their solutions real. If we don’t do this, student leadership is just a term, rather than a developmental opportunity.”

True to her word Principal Barnott-Clement then surprised the student leaders with the announcement of an allocation of funding to help them achieve their objectives.

She added “Leaders are needed in all walks of life, particularly in the workplace. By implementing powerful student leadership programs, we positively engage students in their school, and foster skills that will last a lifetime. When student voice is heard, and student leaders feel empowered to enact positive change, the culture of the whole school is improved.”

GNS AHS Leadership Workshop 4a small

There was a high level of energy and interest displayed by the group during the entire workshop.  Students learnt to think strategically and ‘outside the box’.  Participant Benjamin Cameron said “The workshop was interactive, cooperative and fun.  We learnt critical and deep thinking and how to work in groups to solve a big problem”.

The students will now get to apply these techniques to come up with solutions to their objectives within the school.

GNS AHS Leadership Workshop 3a small

Dr David M Williams, MWLP Linking Youth CEO, facilitated the workshop and commented “what an enthused, engaged and energetic group of young people! The power of the potential in the group is infinite. I always stress to groups I work with in leadership development – its not what you are known as but what you are known for. In this case these students will be known for someone who makes a difference”.

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